A pick your own Blueberry Farm.

44 Rawson St in Uxbridge MA

*Berries are $4.25 per lb.*

*We accept debit and credit cards.*

***Updated Saturday 7/24/2021/4:13 p.m.***

Closed for the 2021 Season

Another season has come to an end. We had a great turnout, but the berries are gone and it's time to start planning for 2022. A sincere Thank You to everyone who visited the Farm to pick berries. Bill & Debbie


Our goal this year, as in all our previous years is to be open as many days as possible throughout the season. For those new to the Farm, our picking season is essentially the month of July. If the crop conditions are just right, the picking might extend into the first week of August. Our picking schedule is entirely dependent on the supply of ripe berries. We keep a close watch on the crop, and decide in the afternoon whether or not we'll be open the following day. This website and our Facebook page are updated every evening with that information. We are always closed on Monday. However, if we have a good supply of berries, (for everyone) we'll be open the remaining six days. We work very hard to provide a pleasant experience to everyone who visits the Farm. It's not an exact science. Please keep that in mind.

"What variety produces the sweetest berry" is a question we're often asked. Blueberries do not develope their full flavor as soon as they turn blue. At that point it's best to wait another few days to a week befor picking. Look at the blueberries all the way around and under to be sure they are completely blue. The more blue the berry, the riper and sweeter it should be.

Please check this website and Facebook for daily picking information, or call the farm at 508-234-9859. We strongly recommend that you verify we are open before making a trip down to the farm. Mother nature and the number of customers determine how many berries are available on any given day. The area for our blueberry field is approx. 1 acre. We now have a total of 1025 bushes, made up of the following varieties: Duke, Reka, Patriot, Blueray, Bluecrop, Bluegold and Chandler. These varieties were selected in part to extend our picking season, since they ripen at different times during the summer.